September 11, 2017

Auckland Home Show 2017

Auckland Home Show


Another great year at the Auckland Home Show 2017 displaying our LED furniture and portable LED lights! 

Introducing: Active Lights

It's crazy the number of people you see out exercising in the morning or evening that don't make any attempt to make themselves visible. You can barely see the dark outline of dog walkers, joggers, runners and cyclists during dawn, dusk and in darkness. It's no wonder that around 70% of pedestrian fatalities occur during these hours then. Drivers are more distracted and pedestrians are much harder to see. That's why it is so important to follow the basic safety rules of making yourself VISIBLE. Wear lighter coloured clothing and avoid dark coloured clothing all together. Reflective strips and hi-vis will help but don't rely on them solely. By simply slipping on a lightweight and comfortably fitting Active Light you dramatically increase your visibility and reduce the chances of being hit by another pedestrian or vehicle. That's why Larala Lights has decided to use the same technology employed in their LED furniture and portable decorative lighting range in their new Active Lights range. At present there are two options: one is the LED Arm Band and the other is the LED Waist Bag. 


LED arm band running night light

LED Safety Band - designed to be worn around the arm (or leg). Two modes either static or flashing.  

The active light band is designed with the user in mind. An elastic Velcro strap means it is adjustable and can be tightened to comfort. LED light technology allows the active band to be compact and light which is what you want when exercising; there are two settings for the LEDs which are static or for a more noticeable light then a flashing mode. The entire weatherproof silicone band lights up to provide an easy to see strip of light. The active band is suitable for wearing around the arm or around the ankle. Included in the active band are two x CR2032 batteries – the same kind that powers many portable electronic devices like watches, calculators and modern car keys.

There are two colour options: Red & Green.


LED waist bag running belt bag

LED Waist Bag - designed to be worn around the waist. LED lights incorporated into the design along with a weatherproof zip pocket perfect for phones, keys, cash or cards.

The LED sports belt bag is made to keep you seen in the darkness. An internal LED light and reflective strips help you stand out when out in the darkness. The water-resistant pouch is big enough to hold the majority of smartphones - even an iPhone 6 plus at a squeeze! Perfectly suited for holding your phone, a debit/credit card and your house keys. 

The LED light is rechargeable with a common household mini USB cord so there's no need to replace batteries. 

An adjustable elastic strap and buckle is designed to suit most body sizes. The elastic keeps the belt bag tight to your body so you don't need to worry about it moving about.

From Factory To Sea to Warehouse

Yesterday our  latest shipment arrived from our partner factory in China. It's always a satisfying feeling watching the entire chain from planning the manufacturing process to -> the actual manufacturing runs of LED modules and rotationally moulded plastic cases that combine together to create the unique and stunning LED furniture range to -> the final stages of assembly and quality control to -> the packaging of each unit to -> the loading of a container at the factory door to -> the shipping process from factory door to the local port in China to the Auckland port to -> loaded onto the back of a truck at Auckland Port and slowly driven through the early morning Auckland rush hour to our warehouse where -> the container is unloaded and stored. 


LED Furniture factory

The front desk at our partner factory in Shenzhen, China.

LED Furniture wholesaler

A container arriving at our warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand. Pretty skilled driver to reverse down that narrow driveway! 

The best part is knowing we have replenished our stocks of our most popular selling styles and designs of LED lights in New Zealand! 


Manufacturing Time!

LED Furniture Factory

Rotational mould - the process of transforming powder into the hard, outer material of the lights. 

LED Furniture Quality Control

 Quality Control - the ever important process of checking parts.

Floating Globe Light

A simple, yet effective method for testing the waterproofness of the floating LED Sphere lights.

Kiwi 3D Night Light

A newly designed product - Kiwi 3D illusion lights - all packaged and waiting for loading into container to be shipped from the factory to New Zealand.


We're running a pretty cool competition at the moment. Entering is easy. Simply go to our Facebook page and you will see the top post which has the picture below. On the post it has the simple steps on how to enter. Which are:

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Tear Drop lights

June 02, 2017

Fidget Spinners!

We have managed to get our hands on the hottest toy in the world right now. Fidget spinners! Check out this fidget spinner with flashing LEDs and a bluetooth speaker! Epic.

Click HERE to buy yours today.

See why kids go NUTS for these lights!

Originally when identifying our target audience for Larala Lights we pictured modern hospitality settings looking to add ambient light as well as a unique  look to their space; we pictured upmarket homes who wanted to make their backyard areas standout when they had friends over for dinner on Saturday evening; we pictured light lovers who were captivated by the beautiful colours created by the RGB LED lights present in the Larala light range. What we hadn't really considered was children. Fortunately through the numerous trade shows, exhibitions and home & garden shows we've done over the past few years which allows us to interact directly with people face to face we have a clearer understanding of how children react to our colour changing light designs. AND they absolutely love them! 


Time and time again I watch the eyes of children of all ages settle on our lighting displays and they are just captivated! They see a display of numerous different shapes glowing in a brilliant and vibrant red, then at the tap of a button on the remote control they all change to green and it's like WOW! Forget the technical terms, or the eco-friendly aspect of LED lights, or the designer style. It's the simple shapes and magical colour changing abilities which draws in the young. Just wait until they get their hands on the remote and then the fun really begins. It's awesome to see a young child practicing their colours as they control 10, 20, 30 different lights change colour at their command. Green! Red! Pink! Orange! Blue! They shout.


One of the best aspects of LED lights is that they don't emit heat; so they're not hot to touch. This makes it perfectly safe for a child to be around one of our Larala Lights Eggs or Tear Drops. Also because of the strengthened PE plastic the outer material is made of it makes the lights very durable. If one accidentally drops it or knocks it off a table top or bedside table then the light isn't going to shatter into a thousand pieces. Also because our LED night lights and LED furniture range are all rechargeable and cordless it means they don't actually have to be plugged into the power when in use. This takes away fears of live wires and electrocution. 


And that is what we have discovered. That Larala Lights make for great children's night lights and cool presents for kids too. We've had real life comments like:

"We bought one for our outdoor table but our kids stole it and use it in their room every night!"

"...were able to wow our friends and family at Christmas and New Year.  Also I thought I'd let you know I also just took them camping to a DOC camp.  They were fantastic, not only for effects, but for illuminating my son's tent enough so he could read.  The charge lasted really well, I didn't need to re charge them."


Kids really love the shape of the LED Egg light. Click here to get yours today.


What are RGB lights?

RGB LEDs might seem like a complicated term but in reality it is the opposite! RGB simply stands for:




So an RGB LED light contains these 3 colours which combine together to create different hues (a colour or shade). They say that the possibilities are more than 16 million different hues! RGB LED lights are revolutionary because they allow you to have multiple different colours emitting from within the one light, there are even great settings where you can have the colours flick through from one colour to the next or fade slowly in and out. This is why RGB lights have become particular popular in establishments like bars, hotels and clubs where a more unique light is required. RGB lights have also been taken up by big buildings where they want to stand out and create spectacular light displays in the evening. 


You can get RGB LED lights in different forms such as a colour changing RGB light bulb, RGB strip lights and RGB portable lamps. So next time you see the term "RGB LED light" you will know it's no where near as complicated as it seems! Oh and incase you don't know what LED stands for it stands for:





 Colour changing Sphere showing the strobe mode for RGB LED lights

The Importance of a Branding & a Branded Product

Today the opportunities to create online businesses are numerous. Many people can sit at the comfort of their desk and import products online through the array of b2b platforms that exist. With large ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay and here in NZ TradeMe it makes it even easier for importers to sell their products. Some people don't even purchase their products themselves but use a concept known as 'drop shipping' - where once a customer has purchased a product the product is shipped directly from the factory to the customer. Other online sellers will go the extra step and create a little website for themselves to make them look a little more authentic and genuine. This means there are thousands of products out there that look exactly the same and how is the consumer to choose between them? Especially online where the consumer is unable to touch and feel the product it becomes increasingly difficult. In more traditional retail spaces the modern day consumer understands the difference between a $5.00 white t shirt from some seller on TradeMe and a $50.00 white t shirt from say Country Road. The consumer knows that the cheaper shirt is going to be made of cheaper material and not feel as nice as the more expensive one, also the quality isn't going to be as good so after a few washes it begins to loose it's shape; the consumer also knows they are more likely to get great help if they have an issue with the $50 t shirt. 

Here at Larala Lights we've noticed the same thing has start to happen. We're starting to get the odd enquiry from New Zealand based customers who have purchased a cheap no branded product from Trade Me, an online store or even a physical shop and they lose the charger, the battery dies or the whole light stops working after a short while. They are then stuck with no one to resolve their issues. Just last week we had someone with 2 x mini lamps and a large LED Flower Pot (which combined would have been worth at least $700) contact us for help. Unfortunately they had lost the chargers and had never had remotes for them in the first place. We were able to help them immediately with a charger we had from our range that thankfully fitted their Mini Lamps. The large LED Flower Pot which is 80cm tall and 77cm in diameter at the top was a bit trickier as it never came with a remote and it was a unique charging system. However we were able to replace the entire LED light base with a Larala Lights LED base. This then allowed the customer to be able to charge the LED Flower Pot as well as control it by a remote. Without the help of Larala it is likely the LED illuminated Flower Pot would have remained unlit.

Illuminated Pot Plant

LED Flower Pot


This is why it is important for consumers to ensure they are purchasing from a reputable supplier. If you're buying a product from a retailer and it has no brand or labelling on it make sure you enquire with the retailer what will happen if there is a problem say 6 months down the line. If you're buying from the internet make sure you find out what their return policies and guarantees are. If a product costs you $20 less but breaks in the first month after the warranty ends, and another product could have cost you $20 more and last three times as long then obviously it's a far better decision to pay $20 more in the first place.

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